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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Card Photos

Here's a little trio of photos I took a few weekends ago for this darling family's Christmas card.
Included in the session was mom and dad, son and son's girlfriend, daughter and son-in-law, and grandson. I'm not going to post all the family photos, but I just wanted to share a few of the grandson.

Here's the little guy. He's adorable.

And here he is with his grandma. I love this one.

Last one I'm going to share here. Fall lingers a little longer here in Dallas, so we've got all these lovely leaves on the ground into December.

I can't wait to see what they put on their Christmas card!

Happy early holidays.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On Photography

Hello all,
I have spent today watching the Creative Live seminar with children's photographer Tamara Lackey. It has been great so far, and I'm excited for the upcoming events this weekend, whichever ones I manage to tune into.

I've taken a few notes so far in my handy notebook, mostly about her tips for working with different types of children, how to relate to families and get good shots of siblings with different personalities. I'm excited for her to move on to a bit more technical and business aspects, because I think one of my strengths as a photographer is my ability to capture kids' attention (I'm kind of a big kid sometimes), and where I can really use the help is in better mastering my camera and different lighting situations, as well as some marketing and business advice.

Earlier today, she talked about getting out there and just going for it. This is a lesson that probably a lot of people need to hear (myself included). I know for myself that it sometimes takes a lot to get me to really go after it and get those clients. But every day that goes by, I'm more motivated, and I'm making progress. I have a feeling that by the end of this workshop, I'll have a lot more direction and desire to follow up with my business.

I'm working on a project right now for a school in the area. I won't be able to share the photos, but it has given me the opportunity to capture hundreds of kids, mostly candid shots. It sounds kind of stressful -- get out there on the playground and start shooting, come back with hundreds of good shots -- but in actuality it has been fun, and a great way to practice capturing the more active kids that I do (and will continue) to have as clients. Kids running around all over is one of the greatest challenges of a portrait photographer, and this has given me an opportunity to really step up my game.

Now while the seminar is on an hour lunch break, I think I'll take a quick walk and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a happy weekend, everyone.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ny Niece and Nephews!

This post is going to be packed full of photos. I'll keep the chit chat here to a minimum so that you all have time left in your day to scroll through them.
All I want to say to preface this is... I am one lucky aunt! My niece and nephews are funny, and smart, and kind, and loving, and... you'll see from the photos, gorgeous! (Er, handsome.)

This family has one lucky girl with four brothers. You read that right!
Here are my favorite photos I took on my trip last week.
Hope you enjoy!



I don't often convert photos to sepia, but it just felt right with this one. I love her little expression in it!

She's a super star soccer player! I caught this one at half time... even though it's a grungy soccer photo, it really might be one of my very favorites. When she's a world famous soccer player, we'll resurface this one. 

Another soccer one:

Now here's the new little guy! He's so itty bitty! And you know what? The noise of four loud kids running around the house doesn't seem to bother him at all. Lucky for his mom!



Okay, this guy is my oldest nephew, the kid who made me an aunt, and my godson. And I'm sorry, but when did we give you permission to grow up!? How are you so big? Please stop growing!

I will always think of him as this tiny little kid (photo taken almost four years ago, in the exact same location!) (And before I knew anything about taking good photos, apparently.)
christmas 125

I let my niece take a picture with my camera and she took this one. I wouldn't normally post it but it's pretty good for a six year old, right? And what a cutie-pie expression! I couldn't resist.

He's a third child like me. I understand what it's like buddy.


And this guy was the baby until last week! 

Again with the sepia! Must have been in a sepia mood. I love this little man.


I hope you all enjoyed. And aren't you just a tiny bit jealous? I mean, come on. They're pretty awesome kids.
Until next time,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in Action

Please excuse my extended silence on the blog here. After my sister had her baby, I headed on a last minute flight to California to help her out, visit the kids and meet the little guy.

I had a great trip! I was there on Halloween, and we whipped up some pretty awesome costumes for the kids, if I do say so myself.

The first day I arrived, they had a little trick-or-treat event in the main street of their little town, so I took all of them down there. It was packed, and I was a little worried that I'd lose one of them (especially the little guy... as you can see in these photos, he was off in his own world for most of it!), but fortunately we all made it back safely, and with lots of candy.

The costumes were a hit... complete strangers were asking if they could take photos of the kids! I'm sure you'll be able to guess what they were:

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween.
I'll post tomorrow with more of my favorite photos from my trip!
Until then,

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Baby

I have a new baby nephew!

On Saturday while I was eating dinner, I got a text from my brother-in-law saying that my sister was in the hospital and that the baby would probably be born that night. I was pretty surprised because I just had been talking to my sister all day on Friday (we talk pretty much every day) and I hadn't gotten the impression that she was that close to having the baby. But turns out, she was. By the time I got home from dinner, baby Luke was born.

I was so excited! I just really wanted to call and talk about it with one person in particular... my sister. She's the one I call when I want to talk about, really, anything. Unfortunately she was kind of occupied at the moment. Plus she already knew the news!

I have gotten a few photos from her, but I'll probably head over to California to visit them in the next few weeks so I'll post my own photos when I take them.

Welcome to the world, little baby.

Aunt Maureen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Wedding Photos

I am sifting through a few more of the wedding photos from last weekend. Here are a few more that I like.

ps after reviewing them all, this is still my favorite.







Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holiday Portrait Sessions

I only moved to Texas this year, but I am a big Texas Rangers fan. I've never lived in a city with professional baseball before, so I'm really enjoying having them around. Plus, in case you hadn't heard, they're really good this year. As in, one game away from going to the World Series.
They won last night, and they have another game today. It could be the last one!

I have been wearing my Rangers jersey in full support.

On a totally unrelated note here, it's time to start thinking about holiday portraits!
I think this year I might offer some mini holiday packages. Quick, short sessions that include one digital photo of your choice, that you can use on whatever holiday cards you want to order from any other site on the internet. Would anyone be interested in a package like this? I'm thinking short, 30 minute sessions, includes online proofing of maybe 5-6 photos and you choose one. You get the high-rez retouched photo to keep.

I know its only October, but I don't think it's too early to get started on these holiday portraits. The light is still good and fall is a perfect time of year to take photos!

Of course I will still offer my regular packages too, because most people will probably want the complete photo session. But if you're good on family portraits for now, and you just can't find the one perfect photo for your Christmas card, let me know and we can book one of the holiday mini sessions.

I didn't make a fancy promotion flyer for this one. You don't need to know a secret code. Just let me know what you're looking for this holiday season, and we'll make it work for you.